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Data policy

The data manager is the Diaspora Network. The purpose of the data storage is to build an international network of contacts, to expand our network for cooperation continuously. We keep our data secure, keep our database updated. We mark the members of our network on the map, send newsletters and invitations to the membership. We send out the data to the members of the Network upon request. Through newsletters, we provide information on current scientific research, cooperation opportunities, and international events. We also offer opportunities for networking between members of the Network. If you would like to contact a member of the Network, email us at, we will notify you and your person of interest, and if both parties agree, we will link you up. We only serve to third parties data only with the prior consent of the person concerned. You can withdraw the declaration at any time through diaszpora[at] You may request the deletion of your data from the system.
Yes, I would like to join the Network. For the purpose stated above, I agree with the management and use of my email address and personal information above.