Dr. Somody László bemutatkozása

Lyn and László Somody recently returned from three months in Hungary. On 28 October 2023, Dr László Somody was awarded the Diamond Award from the University of Pécs, Hungary for 60 years of distinguished service to the medical profession as a specialist anaesthetist and general surgeon. (The University of Pécs, was founded in1367).

László grew up in Hungary near the beautiful and culture-rich capital city of Budapest. He completed his medical studies at the University of Pécs where he specialised in general and trauma surgery, and anaesthetics and intensive care.

In 1970 László was a founder member of a team who organised the first Independent Institute of Anaesthetics and Intensive care at a Medical School in Hungary. This was an important milestone development of these specialities. During his life of service, László has travelled the world where he has practised, taught and lectured in his specialities. One can onlyimagine the vast number of people who have benefited from his willingness to share his expertise. László’s warmth and humanity shine through his life and work. As
part of the International Red Cross, he has worked in a variety of cities and countries, including Nigeria/Biafra at the end of the civil war (1971), Cambodia after the collapse of the Red Khmers' regime (1980) and 4.5 months in Sierra Leone (1999). He spent 3 years in Tunisia, and then, after retirement from his medical school (1996), at the University of Zimbabwe in Harare and in Maseru/Lesotho.

In 2002 the United Nations Development Programme called László to Polokwane (then Pietersburg) Provincial Hospital as the first UN volunteer in the health programme for Limpopo Province. He is registered in the UK (General Medical Council) up to consultant
level and spent 4 years in different university hospitals, such as Cambridge, as a locum consultant.

László has been part of the Rotary Club since 1992 in Hungary. During his time in Polokwane, László attended the Rotary Club meetings where he met Lyn, his wife. They continued their memberships at the Northcliff Rotary Club when they came to Johannesburg. Lyn’s daughter Nicky joined him for the awards ceremony in October. They spent time together with Laszlo's daughter Katalin, who is a project manager of The EU Commission @ Brussels.
We’re looking forward to hearing more about this very special occasion and prestigious award.


2024. február 27.